Bertocci Club Alert System

The Bertocci Club Alert System is an optional benefit for Bertocci Club Members.  In the event of a club emergency such as unscheduled closing, or the passing of a member or their family, you can receive an email notice or text message on your mobile phone.  To enroll in this system, enter the information below and click submit.  You will receive a confirmation that you are registered in the system upon completion.

If you are entering your Mobile Number, please use the following format:  0001111111 where 000=area code and 1111111=your phone number.

In order to protect our members, please enter your real name.  We will validate these entries and remove numbers or emails that we can not associate with members.  Your name and number will not be distributed to anyone.

Your cell phone service provider (Cingular, T-Mobile, etc.) may have fees associated with receiving text messages on your cell phone. Check with your provider to see if your plan includes text messaging or to learn what fees they charge.  The Bertocci Memorial Club is not responsible for any charges you may incur as a result of choosing to participate in this service. 

* If you are entering an email address instead of your mobile number, please enter the full address in the form where xxx is .com or .net depending on your provider.  Then select EMail under provider. 

The Bertocci Memorial Club is not responsible for non-delivery of messages.

Mobile Number or Email Address:
First Name:
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